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UV-Bactericidal Air Sterilizer wall-mounted "DEZAR-KRONT"-802

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Bactericidal recirculators DEZAR-KRONT-802 provide the highest degree of disinfection (99.9 %) and meet the highest requirements for the state of the air in operating rooms, burn and intensive care units, maternity wards, i.e. where complete sterility is required. Can be used in treatment rooms, dressing rooms, intensive care units, blood transfusion stations, etc...

Capacity 80 m3 / h.

There are wall-mounted (DEZAR-KRONT-802) and mobile (DEZAR-KRONT-802p) model.

The use of ultraviolet radiation significantly reduces the risk of airborne transmission of infection, reduces the risk of nosocomial infection of staff and patients, as well as the risk of biological contamination of the environment. The method of ultraviolet disinfection has a number of advantages: high efficiency of disinfection in relation to a wide range of microorganisms, including resistant to chlorine-containing disinfectants, no effect on the physico-chemical and organoleptic properties of the air, no by-products, high speed disinfection, compact UV equipment and ease of operation.


There are a number of design features in UV irradiators-recirculators "DEZAR-KRONT" that make the recirculator more efficient and safe, give it useful auxiliary functions, making it convenient and easy to operate.


1. To increase the bactericidal efficiency without increasing the number of lamps in the recirculators "DEZAR-KRONT", for the first time in the practice of this equipment, the technology of applying an aluminum layer on the film, inside the surface of the radiation chamber. Becoming mirrored, the walls of the chamber significantly increase the reflection of UV rays, while on the one hand increasing their impact on microorganisms, and on the other, compensating for the natural loss of bactericidal flow from lamps associated with aging, dusting, etc.

2. The recyclers "DEZAR-KRONT" implemented filtering input air flow. Air filters protect the lamps and the inner surface of the recirculator from dusting, which provides a higher efficiency of air flow disinfection and significantly reduces the labor costs of cleaning the recirculator lamps associated with dust removal. Air filtration in the recirculator reduces the influence of sources of contamination of the air, and thus to protect staff and patients from dust as sorbent of micro-organisms and complex set of allergens. The air filter detains pollen, plant spores, various chemicals used for disinfection, aerosol medicines, skin scales, hair, dust from clothes and linen, dried saliva.

Combining ultraviolet radiation with filtration improves the overall efficiency of indoor air disinfection with a recirculator.

3. Currently, the most widespread, as a source of bactericidal ultraviolet radiation, received tubular discharge lamps of low pressure.
Low-pressure mercury lamps are the most effective sources of ultraviolet bactericidal radiation due to the fact that the radiation in the ultraviolet region falls on the resonance line of 253.7 nm, lying in the range of the maximum bactericidal action. Bulb ultraviolet germicidal lamps used in recyclers "DEZAR-KRONT", are made of boron-silicate UV glass, excluding the output sanabresa line 185 nm in the emission spectrum. On this basis, the lamp received the name ozon-free.

4. The noise level produced by the fan installed in the recirculator is very important. "DEZAR-KRONT" recirculators work almost noiselessly, because the recirculator body is made of a polymer material that effectively dampens noise.

5. Increased safety of products during operation and during sanitation. Protection against electric shock is provided by the DOUBLE INSULATION, consisting of BASIC INSULATION and ADDITIONAL, which forms the one-piece body of insulating dielectric plastic.

6. The recirculators of the "DEZAR-KRONT" series use lamps of new generationwith built-in electronic switching unit, which reduces energy consumption by 20% compared to the classical throttle circuit by eliminating losses in the electromagnetic balance, while reducing the weight of the product by 1-1.5 kg depending on the model.

7. Since the principle of operation of recirculators is the constant disinfection of the infected air flow passing through the chamber with ultraviolet lamps located inside the body, when developing the design of the housing of a new generation of bactericidal irradiators of recirculators "DEZAR-KRONT", special attention is paid to the sanitary treatment of the product during operation: the original design of the body allows you to fully open the recirculator, simplifies preventive work related to cleaning of lamps and reflective surfaces.
The recyclers "DEZAR-KRONT" penetration out UV completely excluded through the use of fundamentally new solutions of protection – input and output chamber of the recirculator has a special labyrinth screens to prevent ultraviolet radiation.

8. Automatic registration of hours worked.
The meter records the operating time from the moment of connection of new lamps and saves it when the recirculator is turned off. The presence of the meter allows timely replacement of used lamps, and thus constantly maintain the required level of air purity in the room.

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