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Non-contact hand sanitizer

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Non-contact hand sanitizer.

Principle of operation

When placing hands in a special chamber, the automatic activates the injector unit. Powerful nozzle creates a directed aerosol cloud of liquid antiseptic. The minimum size of antiseptic drops guarantees penetration of the product into the smallest folds of the skin and full surface coverage.


  • Medical facilities
  • Public catering;
  • Various commercial establishments;< / li>
  • Car dealerships, gas stations;
  • Entertainment;
  • Administrative institutions;
  • Organizations where there is a large flow of people.

Cost saving

Non-contact disinfectants can dramatically reduce the consumption of consumable hygiene materials (paper towels, napkins, detergents), reduce energy and water consumption, almost completely eliminate the formation of waste.

100% quality!

Guaranteed fast destruction of any microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria and fungal infections. The user places his hands in the disinfector chamber, and a special injection system provides a non-contact coating of hands with a special antiseptic.

Absolute safety

The antiseptics used are fatal to all microorganisms and are absolutely safe for humans. The principle of micro-dusting allows the use of a minimum amount of the drug, which eliminates any negative impact on humans.